Space travel

Rockets being launched from nearby Mahia Peninsula may have seemed like sky high talk a few years ago but the launch by Rocket Lab recently has changed all that and now New Zealand has to shift its' thinking to considering itself a space Nation.

'Overview' is a short film that examines the peculiar cognitive shift experienced by many who have been to space. The documentary draws upon insights from astronauts, philosophers, and authors to explore how perspective can drastically change the way people think about their relationship with the world.

Indigenous cultures worldwide commonly view the world from a perspective profoundly different to the prevailing Western culture. Overview is a thought provoking documentary that conveys the necessity of considering the big picture if we are to forge a sustainable future.

One reported claim is that we should all be jettisoned into space so as to experience the overview effect. My immediate thought was of the cost, the impact on the environment of the materials used in this process and of course the safety factor, although like airplanes, space travel mishaps seem less frequent these days.

Can an 'overview experience' only be experienced in space? Surely spending time with indigenous cultures, getting to know them, appreciating their stories and especially valuing and learning from their perspectives is inexpensive travel we can all undertake. Travel out of the cities, climb a mountain, meditate. Broadening our perspectives is space travel we can undertake here and now.

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