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Opotiki Wharf 1900

Our Voyages

Wharf Hub 'Voyages' are mostly all landbased, which is great for those who are prone to feeling a tad queezy on the sea. Attuned local charter boat operators fufill the sea based voyages. 

Our focus on all the Voyages, whether on land or sea, is to...'grow our connection with the marine world.'

If you have booked a sea based voyage and sea conditions are not favorable on the day, consider one of our land based Voyages, add in your own self discovery 'Ports of Call' experiences and create your own meaningful 'Voyage'.

While 'green fishing' guidelines have been established for awhile, Sea Gardening goes that extra bit further and creates a connection with our marine world like no other.

Email us for a draft agenda and free quote.

Teenagers enjoying Guest room in Wharf Hub activities Opotiki
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