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The Motu Trails cycleways (and walkway) is an experience in freedom.

It's time to leave your worries behind, in fact we even recommend getting pen, paper and envelop, writing down all you cares and worries, seal it.

Now focus on the track ahead with awe inspiring views of the ocean and East Cape.

You can get back to your worries on your return, they will be there waiting for you.

Taken as walk or bike ride, on lower tides you can return along the beach  taking in the sound of the waves and fresh sea air. 


​The Sand Dunes section of the track starts from right outside the Wharf Hub. An easy graded track that goes for 10km through unique sand dunes vegetation with viewing stops along the way.

Or you can also head westward on the Waiotahi trail to the freedom camping site and pipi beds in the quiet Waiotahi estuary.


Cycle, walk or run. One of the highlights of the track is around the Tirohanga Bluff on a sand dunes board walk. Allow 1-3 hours depending on far your ride.


For full details of all the tracks, circuits and more go to the official web site at

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