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Tranquility moments
In our frenetic world how often do we take time out just to be?

'Opotiki by Nature' is fortunate to have easy access to many awesomely special spots. 
Just taking in a sunset from the vantage point of the Opotiki Wharf or stop bank outside The Wharf Hub has enthralled many locals and overseas travelers for years.


On our voyages we often speak of them as 'tranquility moments' or reflective times of 'Being' or at one-ment.
Astronauts in space often refer to such moments as the 'overview effect'. So powerful can these moments be that they can act to completely change one's perspective on life.

'Mindfulness' is also a modern equivalent popular concept term that is backed by research for its helpfulness in our daily lives.

Some of our suggestions for connecting with this experience are:


Take a bush walk in the still of the night to visit the nearby Ohiwa glow worm grotto,  with its large overhanging trees and gently trickling water fall. Turn off all torches and allow time just to stand and be amongst the stars.

Even our original sun downer deck at The Wharf Hub is popular for star gazing and good conversation on clear nights. A place of stillness after a busy day.

A fire on the beach, a walk barefoot upstream,  or experience a dawn at our expansive sandy beaches and be among the first in the world to see the sun rise on a new day.


Discover and connect with your own 'tranquillity moments'.

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