Tiaki Moana
             - caring for our seas

We all would like to do something to help our oceans and marine life but just how do we do that?


Tiaki moana (caring for a our seas) is a very short walk about our Wharf Hub property, knowledge presentation, both scientific and Maori cultural and simple craft activity that gives you an opportunity to do something for marine life.


Allow around an hour and a bit for this land based voyage, depending on numbers.

The marine enhancement activity you undertake can help locally to enhance marine life. This is an opportunity to give back to the sea. Its not often you get an opportunity to actively do some for our oceans.

Cost $50 per person if being undertaken as a stand alone voyage. Discounts for family or groups of five or more.


This voyage serves as a core foundation voyage to all our other workshop voyages.



Call or text us at +64 027 350 4910         Email us at wharfhub@reaf.nz