The Wharf Hub and Well being
It is said that tourism exists to fulfill an inner need to explore and discover something unexpected, a need to unravel something mysterious .
Whilst The Wharf Hub is an accommodation provider, it also intersects with the well being industry.
We provide guests with our own 'Compass of Wellbeing' and make the invitation to interpret it in ways that are meaningful to you.


We advocate that Global change for good will not come about from something big but from lots of little changes that we can make in our own lives.
The Wharf Hub offers tangible examples of this, from worm farms, repurposed materials to community orchards and even a unique Community Reef building effort.

Then there is nature right at our doorstep.
Expansive uninterrupted skylines, river views, estuaries, and grass lands with the fresh sea air smell and sounds of crashing waves not far away.
There are many free fun things you can do to interact with the nature around us. Go exploring yourself or take our Voyages to other local ‘energy points’ that can revitalise our sense of ‘awe’.

The Wharf Hub is a small operation but with a big vision. Our hope is that you will be able to take something away with you that will meaningful and lasting, perhaps something more than what you expected.

Kind regards,
The Wharf Hub


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