Voyages by kayak - be your own skipper
Harbour Trail or Taniwha Lair
These voyages are to set the imagination afire with dashes of adventure and raw beauty along the way.
As you glide down river or around the Harbour, beware the ensnaring claws of the Taniwha!
Albert Einstein .... "Imagination is more important than knowledge"

Harbour Trail

The Opotiki Harbour and estuary area offers a semi sheltered area very suited to beginner kayakers to gain skills and confidence. (1-2 hours)
There's also great places to visit, like exploring around the wharf or new 'golden gate' swing bridge. Alternatively  kayaking 2km out to the sandy spit beach at the harbour's entrance and observing  sea birds diving for their lunch. The areas rich in history and ecology too. Imagine the battles fiercely fought in the area.

($30 first hour, $40 for 2 hours and $50 half day. Includes lifejackets, basic tuition, and local guide knowledge.)


Taniwha Trail

Having some basic kayaking skills and adventurous attitude you'll be ready to take on the 10km downstream Waioeka River run. ( About 3-4 hours )

From the bush clad Hine Rae  domain, down many shallows and a few small rapids to add excitement,  there's taniwha claws to be wary of and then on to discover their holed lair.

At your voyage end the river widens out and The Wharf Hub comes into view.

Pull out your kayaks at the rope swings steps and recount your adventures. Theres hot showers and towels here too if you need them.

$90 per person includes transport, river shoes, kayaks and lifejacket, water proof container for smart phones. Minimum 2 people. River conditions permitting.


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