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Zero suicide

Recall how it is when you come across something that you just click with, something that helps you identify your thoughts and feelings around an issue. The Herald article 'Simplicity in answer to suicides' did just that for me.

Firstly it clearly stated that 'Zero suicide is the goal'. Its an entirely preventable disease. Simple.

Next it was about a lot of little things that add up. The same process is seen when maritime incidents are investigated. Its lot of little things that add up and in the end can sink a ship.

And thirdly its about 'Courses'. Ive called them 'Voyages' with the same intent of getting away from stigma type labeling.

Not sure if 'sharing a cuppa' is a thing that will work with local Kiwi youth but I'm sure many approaches that are acceptable to our NZ youth can be found.

And lastly but most importantly, its working. While NZ suicide rates continue to grow, one UK Trust has found a way to reverse the trends.

Clear waters to me.

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