Its not clicking

My Winter 2017 AA magazine arrived with a rather catchy cover declaring "It's not clicking'. The fact that around 96% of us do wear seatbelts, but of the 242 fatalities on the roads in 2016, 100 (42%) were not wearing seatbelts. This is over 400% the rate of say Western Australia.

So why the big disconnect? After all surely putting on a seatbelt is a basic if you are in car. Its as basic as wearing a lifejacket when on the water, or putting on sunblock if out in the sun.

But then there are many cases of disconnects. Most, if not all smokers, know that its an unhealthy habit and causes many diseases, yet smoking persist. Lack of exercise is associated with diabetes, obesity and heart degeneration, and yet we still drive to the local dairy when we could easily walk.

In our associated reef building web site www.reaf.nz there are four core principles promoted to help grow more fish in the sea, and one of those is 'making the connections'. There is an ocean of conservation knowledge available to all of us, but it was identified that unless we make a connection between our own actions (or inactions) and that knowledge then frankly its predictable that fish numbers will continue to decline.

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