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Suicide Inoculation

Suicide is something that touches everyone at some point of our lives, right from school days to adulthood. It is also often referred to as the most preventable of deaths. 579 died in New Zealand last year by suicide, many more tried. Like the surviving injured from car crashes, many find themselves in a worse situation.

Medical inoculation has rid the World of many deadly diseases. So too is inoculation considered the best path for preventing suicide. In addressing suicide prevention there are three commonly identified paths: inoculation, crisis intervention and postvention.

A new four digit mental health number 1737 was launched this week putting callers in touch with National Telehealth Services from where a multitude of helpline services can be accessed. It appears most resources are put toward the intervention and postvention areas.

Schools commonly have several psychologically developed programs available for teachers to deliver, and although it is not recommended that suicide is the focus of the course, they commonly come under the broader umbrella of 'developing mental healthiness.'

But my thought is, sometimes I think even as adults, we could all do with a immunization booster shot. The Wharf Hub aims to deliver a focused short course in just this area. We give it the nautical name 'Lifebuoys or Lifesavers'.

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