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You know how it is when you buy a new smart phone or computer and its all works so well at the start and you marvel at its wondrous speed. Then as you take more pics, add new apps, recharge it over and over, slowly but surely your fast new computer becomes frustrating to work with. Software updates seem only to slow the system even more.

You defrag your system, and in desperation you even purchase software that says it will delete broken links and increase your computer speed. Still before long you start to think of upgrading to something that works for you.

Of course if you are caught out by a nasty virus or malicious malware you may have to delete all your hard-drive and go back to factory reset. Lo and behold on rebooting you find in fact your fast smart phone or computer is back to what it once was, fast and super efficient at opening files.

This is great you think. Ill keep my machine lean and mean from now on. So ask a computer buff how to do this and their replies are often quite simple. Load only the bare essential software, keep the hard drive to under half capacity, run reputable virus and malware protection and definitely don't open any files that could be remotely suspicious!

So what are the things that keep our human systems running smoothly? How is it that we can take a holiday and come back feeling so refreshed and ready to tackle the world again but soon revert to that state where we have become slowed down again, burdened and sluggish in thought and action?

Just as computer buffs offer insight into keeping you computer running smoothly, so to does The Wharf Hub attempt to add a little simple knowledge in an almost holiday like atmosphere to keep your system running at peak performance.

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