Know the Spirit

A concept known by differing names around the world.

If you are an astronaut you might refer to it as the 'overview effect'.

For many it is a meditative or 'Being' state as opposed to an action or 'Doing' state.

Popular today is the rediscovery or renaming of such a state as 'mindfulness' or at oneness.

Indigenous cultures such as Maori were well aware of the relationship existing between our our outer physical world and an inner spiritual existence. Trees were not cut down with karakia (prayer) first being offered. Fishing was a spiritual activity, with the whole village fasting whilst a fishing party was out at sea. 

Whether it be through music, tai chi, dance, art or prayer, the ways of attuning to the Spirit are many.

Knowing the Spirit involves getting in touch with our inner selves.  The Wharf Hub has a rich variety of available places to visit or activities that can help here. Even a short guided tour through the historic Wharf Hub home is to experience a home that is imbued with its own wairua (spirit).

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