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Historic Opotiki


Opotiki is rich in cultural history, Historic buildings, and sadly has also been a site of many conflicts throughout the ages. Buses of students sometimes  come from Wellington to learn of our history. We ask the questions;


What is it that we learn from history? 

Given the circumstances would we do any thing different today? 

In what ways are our current perspectives and beliefs challenged by looking at history?

Opotiki has many 'story boards' dotted about in the historic centre of town,  outside St Hiona historic Church, on the wharf and along the Motu Trails.

The Opotiki Museum offers more insight into the history of Opotiki with its unique Maori taonga section and more.

Opotiki is a majority Maori population township and as such offers its own unique perspectives of history.

From the Wharf Hub its easy walking distance to walk around the story boards, Museum, to the Wharf and many historic sites.

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