With its lofty Mission statement of 'Enhancing marine life and human well-being', The Wharf Hub was always going to be a bit different.

​The Wharf Hub property offers accommodation (Berths) and is also home to unique 'Voyages'.  There's Zeand Fishing, Taniwha Kayaks, Future Oceans and REAF - Recreating Enhanced Areas for Fish.


Actually the whole of the Wharf Hub is pretty unique, hard to put your finger on, but good things happen here.

Feel free to dive around our web site and discover more about The Wharf Hub and how it might benefit you or your organization.

​We'd love to welcome you aboard for a short while as you voyage to discover our mysteriously incredible world.


Call or text us at +64 027 350 4910         Email us at wharfhub@reaf.nz