With its lofty Mission statement of 'Enhancing marine life and human well-being', The Wharf Hub was always going to be a bit different.

It is here that we can explore our interconnectedness with all things, with a focus on marine life.

The Wharf Hub property is also home to Zeand Fishing, Taniwha Kayaks and REAF - Recreating Enhanced Areas for Fish.


If you are in Opotiki NZ you can try Zeand Fishing, where you are introduced to a some back grounding principles and undertake a simple practical marine enhancement activity or cast a line in the river outside for a hard fighting sea trout (kahawai).

Feel free to dive around our web site and discover more about The Wharf Hub and how it might benefit you or your organization.

​We'd love to welcome you aboard for a short while as you voyage to discover our mysteriously incredible world.


Call or text us at +64 027 350 4910         Email us at wharfhub@reaf.nz